Where does your delivery radius include? 
For boxes, the delivery radius is 10 miles from Federal Highway and Commercial Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, FL. For graze tables or stations for any event, anything within a 30 mile radius is free. After that it is a flat $125 travel fee. Pick up is always available in Fort Lauderdale.
Do you offer GF or vegetarian options? 
Yes, we can accommodate both. However we do not have vegan cheese options available at the moment. 

Do I keep my board or box in the fridge? 
Yes, the board or box needs to be refrigerated until ready to graze! 

Is a deposit required? 
Yes, all graze tables require a 50% deposit to book a date. 

Do you have a cancellation policy? 
Yes, we realize that things happen, however your date was held and other work was turned away. We will offer a partial 25% refund of your deposit if you cancel within 10 days of your graze. If you need to cancel within 5 days of your graze your deposit is non refundable. However, you can use that held deposit to book a future date.